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Philippines a good place to do business for MONOPOLISTS: P. Aquino, PAGCOR, and Protectionism

The Philippine is a very predictable place to do business for monopolists. Have your 40% equity ready – and there will be a Filipino monopoly business  ready to match you with 60%. Filipinos who can only match 50%, 40%, 30%, 20%, 10%, 5% – you are out of luck. The lucky foreign investors who find […]

Is P-Noy's Proposed Infrastructure Fund the Way to Go?

The government urges creation of an infrastructure fund to help fund Public-Private Partnerships. Sec Purisima says ““We’re solid in our belief that we need to invite investors to our country. Investors need a fair return as payment for their capital and the risk they’re taking. We need to make sure that we simplify the processes.” […]

Fighting Corruption is Not Enough….Once Again

I was scanning the INQUIRER today and came across another piece of from favorite economist from the “progressive left”. What I read tempted me to post an “In the News” article. But, I figured, this is much too delicious to treat like a news story. Ok, ’nuff said. The good news – Walden Bello agrees […]