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VIDEO: Word of the Lourd – A Whiff of Fresh Air in Philippine Mainstream Media

I say – More WOTL Less Wowowee. Finally, the Philippines has a TV show that tells it as it is. Initially, I thought it was an indie-film. But obviously, it isn’t. The Philippine entertainment industries reason for producing B-movies and re-imagined Mexican/Korean/HK telenovelas is that there is no market for such fare. I find that […]

What Will Be Noynoy's Legacy?

Balut penoy’s chihuahua, namely, Bill Esposo was at it again – selling Vaporware and covering up the tracks of Balut Penoy (hereinafter referred to as Balut – yup, unhatched stinking duck egg). The justifications and convolutions that Balut’s sycophants have to come up with reminds me of the Emperor’s new clothes. Obviously Balut’s media team […]

Biruin mo na ang lasing pati na rin ang bagong gising

Nagkakapikonan na naman. Ika nga, different strokes for different folks, lalo na sa komedya. Merong napipika, merong tawa ng tawa, merong dedma, at merong dense. Siyempre, meron tayong dominant state. Por ejemplo ang ating tiyuhing bungisngis, ang tiyahing killjoy, ang pinsang walang kamuwang muwang, atbp. We can be in any of those modes depending on […]