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Video: Understanding the Philippine Economy Through the Eyes Of Milton Friedman

If I were to believe Aquino’s economic team, it will be sunshine all the way but it isn’t. Initial market buoyancy from an Aquino victory has settled in and businesses are dealing with the same issues they faced since the 1935 Constitution – an economic environment that is skewed in favor of Filipinos who can […]

PAGCOR Privatization Without Liberalization: Jumping Out of the Frying Pan to the Fire

Talks of privatization is ripe in the air. Privatize MWSS. Privatize NAPOCOR. And more recently, Privatize PAGCOR to the tune of $10B. Is this to the advantage of the Filipino taxpayer? Or will this benefit Filipino monopoly businesses only? P.Noy Aquino is sending signals he is inclined to sell. * Aquino: Sale of Pagcor ‘a […]

A Tale of Two Countries – Korea and the Philippines

Korea and the Philippines. Bow. Both were under the Japanese. Both were under the Americans. Both were “born” after World War II. South Korea was among Asia’s weakest economies. The Philippines was “next to Japan” – by virtue of the American infrastructure and developments. Both had dictators – Park Chung Hee and Ferdinand Marcos were […]