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Santa Claus is “Pulling Through” – Ruckus at Aquino’s 1st 100 Days Speech Ceremony

CdQ can’t get enough of kissing Aquino’s ass as he made a big fuss about Aquino Pulling Through. He said “P-NOY DID not score his biggest point in his “Report kay Boss” by what he said. He did not even score his biggest point in his “Report kay Boss” by what he did, or intended […]

Protectionism in the Philippines: OFWs and Broken Homes.

I was talking to a friend about the impact of protectionism on the Philippine economy and how foreign investments can generate new jobs and new sources of wealth. She indicated that she didn’t realize how protectionism hit Filipinos close to home. I said if you just stop and looked at your monthly bill – electricity, […]

OFWs Can Use their Remittances More Profitably

This is a continuation of my previous post on the beasts of burden – the OFWs.  We look at the current practices, and how we can improve it to bring about a positive bottom line – not just for OFWs but for the overall economic well being of the Philippines as well. Benigno demystifies the […]

OFWs: Evolving the Beast of Burden into the Tip of the Spear

I was doing a leisurely read on a humdrum topic which has become staple fodder of Pinoy melodrama and revenue – OFWs. It used to be a surreal topic, until I became an overseas Pinoy myself. I faced the same challenges – homesickness, isolation, finding my way around, building new social networks – and was […]