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From the Net: Ninoy, Noynoy, No-No (Phil Bronstein – Huffingtonpost.com)

The oligarchs are back. Thanks to the Pinoy dimwits who voted the very persons who robbed the poor of their economic birthright. In colonial times, the Spanish grabbed indio lands through pillage and conquest, in massive quantities at that. After killing the indios, the Spanish marauders declared the indio lands as theirs. Then the Spanish […]

Voter Ignorance: Philippine Democracy in the Dumpster

Filipinos were in a hurry to get Gloria out, so much so that any schmoe who can convince the greatest number of ignorant voters that he is against Gloria more than anyone else, gets the job. That was quite efficient – a quick decision, boils down to gut, simple decision to make – yeah, right. […]

Philippine Elections is All About Who Has More Ignorant Voters

Elections are over, but the wider lessons learned from this recent electoral exercise are being processed. Newbies in this undertaking are advised to save their energy for tomorrow’s battles. The bigger loss actually belongs to the nation which passed up exceptional talent for mediocrity – and we just have to deal with it, period. A […]

Does an Aquino loss automatically mean there was massive cheating?

Filipinos Should Protect the Ballot – Against Noynoy Aquino Do you really believe that just because Noynoy lost, he was cheated? Survey are snapshots of a general frame of mind during a certain period in time. Just because there is a preference for one candidate does not mean that the preference will be sustained until […]

Are Oligarch-owned Companies Bullying Employees To Vote for Noynoy Aquino?

I read recently that companies owned by oligarchs are having surveys about who their employees are voting for. That’s fine. What’s not right is when companies bully their employees into voting for Aquino. What that implies is that people are being made to vote for Noynoy under coercive conditions. If that isn’t an indicator of […]

Usapang Pulitika sa Facebook: Protectionism, Migration, Oligarchs

Naglilipana pa rin ang maling akala sa Pilipinas. Heto ang isang palitan ng kuro kuro sa Facebook hinggil sa Pinas. Malamang naransan nyo na rin ang mga ganitong klaseng palitan sa inyong trabaho, sa inyong mga kapitbahay, at kahit sa mga kamag-anak nyo. Maling Akala Marami pa ring misconception tungkol sa protectionism at kung sino […]