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The Truth and Nothing But the Truth: Can The Philippines Handle It?

Can we handle the truth? It’s not a rhetorical question considering our penchant to steer away from the uncomfortable and the “nakakahiya”. The debate on whether Aquino should create one or not becomes moot and academic as P.Noy has already issued the EO creating the Truth Commission. (Updated 8:15 p.m.) President Benigno Aquino III has […]

In the News: RP Among Most Restrictive in Foreign Investments (Manila Standard, Jul 8, 2010)

A July 8, 2010 article filed by Roderick dela Cruz in the Manila Standard shows that the Philippines is among the “world’s most restrictive countries in allowing foreign capital into the economy”. You can go through each item in the Constitution and the FINL and read it with a critical mind with the intention of identifying protectionism and how it affects our daily lives.

Advance Notice: The All Too Familiar Power Struggles Begin

There is a feeling of Deja vu. A feeling that we have been here before. And we are just repeating what we did before. We didn’t learn our lesson, we voted for the oligarchy. Here’s the lesson folks, when it comes to politics “in good faith” may just as well be “blind faith” – you […]