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The Myth of "Filipinos Can't Compete in a Global Market"

Behind the game of soccer lies a complex web of interactions that deliver value from customer wants to product designers to manufacturing distribution and services. We can damn these interactions as exploitation and imperialism. Or we can understand how the game is played and see for ourselves whether it is indeed imperialism that’s killing us […]

There's More to Outsourcing than Meets the Eye

A buddy sent me an email about an interesting discussion on outsourcing. It asked the question “Is outsourcing exploitation?”. It is not the first time to hear the question. I raised that question too as a young freelancer. As you know freelancing has a certain appeal to it. You are in complete control of your […]

There’s More to Outsourcing than Meets the Eye

Understanding the value chain – and how it relates to outsourcing will help understand the bigger business model to which outsourcing belongs. Filipinos are debating whether outsourcing is exploitation or not. I say this is the wrong kind of debate to have. Rather, I suggest the Philippines get its acto together and learn how to […]

The Buwakang #@$% Philippine Post Office

When was the last time you mailed something that passed through the Philippine mail service – you know, the post office, the Philippine Postal Corporation? Well, I did, via US registered mail pa talaga – 3 weeks ago. Sent it March 16 to be exact. It is April 2 now. I am tracking the reference […]