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Aquino 2.0 Deja Vu: Overtures of Military Adventurism

“Beware the Ides of March have come but they are not gone.” so ended our post in What Next for Post 8/23 Philippines?, last September 5, 2010. Roughly one and a half month after, October 19 to be exact – the Inquirer’s headlines reads “Anti Aquino group airs threats”. A group, composed of a motley […]

Santa Claus is “Pulling Through” – Ruckus at Aquino’s 1st 100 Days Speech Ceremony

CdQ can’t get enough of kissing Aquino’s ass as he made a big fuss about Aquino Pulling Through. He said “P-NOY DID not score his biggest point in his “Report kay Boss” by what he said. He did not even score his biggest point in his “Report kay Boss” by what he did, or intended […]

Fact Check:Aquino’s Blatant Lie About the $430M MCC Grant – Integrity My Ass

In a recent report from the clueless and uninspired reporters of the non-inquiring Inquirer, Mr Aquino just couldn’t help himself – and just had to lie about the MCC Grant Approval. “Mr. Aquino said the people’s confidence in the government helped bring about the same confidence from the international community, as shown by the recent […]

Noynoy Aquino at ang Daang Baluktot: Mali ang Pamamalakad since Day One

“Ikaw na mali ang pamamalakad, ginagarantiya kong hindi ka magtatagal sa iyong pamamalakad kung puro lang kapalpakan, kahihiyan, at katangahan ang iyong dinadala sa sambayanan”. Scoring brownie points on the RHB only works if the bill is actually passed. So, while Aquino is making the right noise on the RHB – it ain’t over until […]

Competence Matters: The Peter Principle Strikes The Philippines Over and Over

“Going postal” just got upgraded to “Going Pinoy Policeman”. Tragedy brings out the best and worst in people. At best – it can be an opportunity for dissecting what went wrong, what can be done to do things better, and to create the necessary policy framework to create the conditions that prevent a repeat of […]

From the Net: Cojuangcos don’t want to let go of the land (INQUIRER)

The recent “compromise agreement” is another fry-in-your-own-lard deal being promoted by paid hacks as a “breakthrough deal”. But who really is benefitting from the breakthrough? Definitely, not the farmers who are getting another bum deal. This is the sort of news that just enrages thinking people’s sense of decency. HLI represents the hypocrisy, the phoniness, […]

TIMELINE: Eighty Three (83) Days After the May 10, 2010 Elections

When does the “honeymoon period” start? Is it after the candidate wins the elections? Or is it after he assumes office? Does it really matter whether you start early or late if you are headed for the cliff? Both ways that floor will still rush towards you at 9.8 m/sec2. People will have differing opinions. […]