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EDSA ’86: From People Power to People Blunder

The EDSA ’86 celebrations are coming soon – and it will be the usual homage to “people power and revolution”, about freedom from the Marcos dictatorship, freedom of expression, freedom to assemble for peaceful redress of grievances, the right to a fair trial under due process of law. Indeed nominally, we regained our “the freedom […]

Father Jejemon and the Church of Doom

The venerable benign0 obviously made another astute observation, which he consistently does by the way, with his latest post titled “King of Comedy faces the Inquisition”. Then, straight from the threads came the following comments from Krstine0019 Religious beliefs, no matter how absurd they may appear, must be respected. It is respect that enables him […]

From the Net: Cojuangcos don’t want to let go of the land (INQUIRER)

The recent “compromise agreement” is another fry-in-your-own-lard deal being promoted by paid hacks as a “breakthrough deal”. But who really is benefitting from the breakthrough? Definitely, not the farmers who are getting another bum deal. This is the sort of news that just enrages thinking people’s sense of decency. HLI represents the hypocrisy, the phoniness, […]

P-Noy’s First SONA: More Bark than Bite

Misguided economic policy is a sure-fire way to ruin – nationally or individually. It gets worse when we are putting more efforts on wangwang, being on time for work, being present at work, pissing off our foreign donors through sheer ignorance of the parliamentary system, and witch-hunting – than addressing the heart and soul of […]

VIDEO: Word of the Lourd – A Whiff of Fresh Air in Philippine Mainstream Media

I say – More WOTL Less Wowowee. Finally, the Philippines has a TV show that tells it as it is. Initially, I thought it was an indie-film. But obviously, it isn’t. The Philippine entertainment industries reason for producing B-movies and re-imagined Mexican/Korean/HK telenovelas is that there is no market for such fare. I find that […]

Walang Pagsisisi sa Simula – The First Three Weeks

This post continues after the first episode that came out a week after May 10, 2010. It will now be nearly three weeks after Pres Noynoy Aquino  formally took office. Prior to that it is presumed that a transition plan was being executed.  At the rate things are turning out – it seems that there wasn’t even […]

The Pork Barrel Culture Continues Into the Aquino Presidency

Noynoy Aquino’s recent decision to retain the pork barrel is regrettable. It calls into question Aquino’s sincerity to stay on track with his anti-corruption rhetoric. Keeping one’s hands off the pork barrel does not mean the horse-trading and corruption that occurs in the process is terminated. The INQUIRER headline attempts to paint a picture that […]