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Arroquino vs Villaroyo: Magnanakaw Galit sa Kapwa Magnanakaw

Omigolly, I am having a laughing fit at this battle of portmanteus (a word or morpheme whose form and meaning are derived from a blending of two or more distinct forms – as smog from smoke and fog)  – Villarroyo and ArroQuino, as each camp tries to paint each other camp as the worse evil.  […]

Aquino and Gordon on the Economy

Elections are getting closer every day – 54 days as of this post. Not that it would mean much given the trends being peddled in the mainstream media. A choice between a thieving bozo, a lazy bozo, and an ethically-challenged billionaire turned-legislator. If the election were limited to the three – and one were to […]

Comparison of Substance of Platforms of Aquino, Gordon, Villar, Perlas, and Obama

I’ve been wanting to compare the substance of the platforms of Aquino, Gordon, Villar, Perlas, and Obama. This enough I can say – Nick Perlas is the gold standard in platforms. Aquino and Villar are fluffy talk without the specifics. Gordon is a slacker when it comes to platforms – good for him he’s got […]


Teleleng land never runs out of mornic stuff. In the latest explosion of moronism, Tornilyo Teleleng emotes and waxes barriotic, idiotic, pathetic, rheumatic, schizoprenic – in a manner that makes a noynoyista proud. Believe you me. your head will hurt after reading this discombobulating piece that will wreck the nerves in an encounter with Balagtas-esquengeze-lish. […]

Ask your Candidate – What's In It For the Philippines?

Sans rhetoric and emo the core issue to each candidate is this – What is your value proposition? What do you bring to the table? What’s in it for me – the taxpayer? What’s in it for my children and community? What’s in it for our country? What’s in it for our public agents? What’s […]

The Saling Pusa Candidate: Nick Perlas

Saling Pusa Award The Saling Pusa Award goes to Nick Perlas. His platform addresses the low hanging fruit. There is so much to correct or needs fixing at this point. In case you are wondering what low hanging fruit is, We have Mother Nature to thank for the expression low hanging fruit . A fruit-bearing […]

Stop. Take Stock. Say No. Think It Over.

No matter your occupation, status, position, from street hawker to jeepney driver, to street sweeper, to student, to traffic cop, to teacher, to lawyer, to physician, to department head, to councilor, to mayor, to governor, to congressman, to senator,  to president, to fortune 500 CEO, you churn out decisions every day. And the end result […]