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Video: Understanding the Philippine Economy Through the Eyes Of Milton Friedman

If I were to believe Aquino’s economic team, it will be sunshine all the way but it isn’t. Initial market buoyancy from an Aquino victory has settled in and businesses are dealing with the same issues they faced since the 1935 Constitution – an economic environment that is skewed in favor of Filipinos who can […]

Walang Pagsisisi sa Simula – The First Three Weeks

This post continues after the first episode that came out a week after May 10, 2010. It will now be nearly three weeks after Pres Noynoy Aquino  formally took office. Prior to that it is presumed that a transition plan was being executed.  At the rate things are turning out – it seems that there wasn’t even […]

The Pork Barrel Culture Continues Into the Aquino Presidency

Noynoy Aquino’s recent decision to retain the pork barrel is regrettable. It calls into question Aquino’s sincerity to stay on track with his anti-corruption rhetoric. Keeping one’s hands off the pork barrel does not mean the horse-trading and corruption that occurs in the process is terminated. The INQUIRER headline attempts to paint a picture that […]