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Noynoy Aquino and the LP: A Broken Compass in a Time of Uncertainty

It used to be that politicians would complain about fraud AFTER the elections. Today, Noynoy Aquino and the newly-minted yellow zombies of ABS-CBN are complaining about election fraud BEFORE the elections have taken place. Of course, there is a need to be vigilant against fraud anytime.  I want a clean and credible election, too.  The […]

Every Noy, Dick, and Manny is Destiny's Child… and Prisoner

Men are not prisoners of fate, but only prisoners of their own minds ~ Franklin Roosevelt A couple more of days and the Da Pinoy nation will be in the fight of its “life”. For the more morbid goths- a fight for its death. To the emo – a fight for its destiny aka tadhana/kapalaran/kaugmaon. […]

In the News: RP's biggest group of cooperatives endorses Gordon (Philstar – 04/20/2010)

It is heartening to see cooperatives endorse Gordon. For one good reason, cooperatives represent the small and medium enterprises – Filipinos who generate jobs and create opportunities for themselves and other Filipinos. RP’s biggest group of cooperatives endorses Gordon By Mike Frialde (The Philippine Star) Updated April 20, 2010 12:00 AM MANILA, Philippines –  The […]

How to Introduce Gordon Through a Political House Party

If the recent polls are an indication, you would think that the presidency has been clinched. Let’s just say that for discussion’s sake – yes, it is clinched – is it reason enough to stop campaigning? Common wisdom says yes. But uncommon wisdom says, no – it ain’t over until the crooner sings. Destiny is […]

Dick Gordon: You Don't Have to Vote for Me

It’s not every day that I find a candidate who speaks his mind – speaks it well, and speaks the TRUTHs which we are often most inclined to deny. Gordon is a man who will do the right thing – and he will not tell you what you want to hear just so he can get your vote. He will tell you the painful truth, he sticks to the facts, he provides viable workable solutions – and some audacious ones. No wonder – he’s not popular. So, is the dentist (not popular). But when you have a toothache – that’s where you go. In these series of interviews, I invite you all to listen and hear Gordon for yourself – you owe it to yourself – we may never see another great candidate in our lifetime, another “great president we didn’t have” like Raul Roco.


Teleleng land never runs out of mornic stuff. In the latest explosion of moronism, Tornilyo Teleleng emotes and waxes barriotic, idiotic, pathetic, rheumatic, schizoprenic – in a manner that makes a noynoyista proud. Believe you me. your head will hurt after reading this discombobulating piece that will wreck the nerves in an encounter with Balagtas-esquengeze-lish. […]

Sagot sa Question to Dick Gordon Supporters

Si Gingineer Jojo may tanong para sa mga Dick Gordon Supporters I have here some questions to ask of your fave pet candidate, assuming he (Gordon) will not copy Noynoy’s pronounced Plans and Programs, if you can provide rational and categorical answers to them, I might change my position: Sa kanyang pinangangalandakang programa for the […]