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Video: The Art of the Pinoy Accent

Another day in the life of this “finest race on the planet”. So fine in fact that, their accent can’t be “made fun of”. Really? Consider the following Pinoy jokes, you can even see that the sentence is a play on the Pinoy accent. 1. Use BE COOL and I’LL BUY in a sentence. …The […]

From the Net: Larry King Interviews Sarah Palin about the Inaugural (Youtube)

(Updated with Part 3 – July 9′ 2010 – Charice serenading a country that rejected her talent) Honeymoon periods with new incumbents are understandable. We, Filipinos, though have a way of overdoing things – not necessarily the right ones. In this satire featuring an animated (literally, a cartoon in the tradition of South Park) interview of Sarah Palin by Larry King about her invitation to the Aquino inaugural.

STREET TALK: You Speak Jejemon, I Speak Englitschzes

WARNING: PARENTAL GUIDANCE REQUIRED. LOTS OF CUSSIN. THIS IS STREET-TALK. SOME LANGUAGE MAY NOT BE APPROPRIATE FOR CHILDREN. Let’s lighten up a li’l bit. I didn’t mean to light a cigarette. Ooops… I was trying to joke lest I be called a jukesbox. I don’t wanna add to the literature on jejemon – that’s so […]