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From The Net: Talk to Harry with Presidentiable Sen. Richard "Dick" Gordon

Harry Tambuatco and Dick Gordon have a straight talk and cover a lot of issues. Harry points out the conflict of interest. This is an example of a no-holds barred discussion between adults – Dick and Harry (unlike the debate-shy Noynoy and Manny). Topics include the Aquino legacy, the Abu Sayaff, poverty and GSIS, Hacienda […]

BANDILA Interview with Richard Gordon/ABS-CBN's Media Personality and Filipino Voters Are Called Out, Get Pwned

The quintessential Sen. Richard Gordon is honest, straightforward, is not a panderer, and tells it as it is in his latest interview with Bandila’s Ces Drilon.Issues addressed: The survey issue; The “short-temper” issue and how it transformed Subic and got the Automated Poll Act passed; “Excuse me – I have been a Red Cross volunteer for 42 YEARS; ” Lito Lapid was able to pass one law, Noynoy Aquino was not able to pass one law.; Stating a fact is not “tinitira”; Media dumbing down the electorate. Funding for teacher’s monthly salaries of PhP 40,000($800) a month; The Aquino-Cojuangco dynasties have not shown any results; The “Chairman” issue in Subic.

It Ain't Over Till It's Over – Let's Party Gordon to Victory =)

I recall one commentor who said it was time for AP to roll out the propaganda machinery. Unfortunately, AP does not have machinery in the traditional sense that it has the deep pockets of the traditional politicians. AP does not need that machinery. All AP needs is a realistic attitude, deep thinking, and  people who […]