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Seventeen goals that can move the Philippines forward in 2011

The information and commodity deluge can be treated like a buffet. Just because your $12.95 allows you to eat unlimited everything – doesn’t mean you have to – at the risk of rupturing your stomach or suffering a really bad case of indigestion. Bite what you can chew and focus on the actions with the […]

Hastening the Transition to a Global Philippines

How can we effect meaningful social change in the Philippines? By change, I don’t refer to the game of musical chairs where one faction of the Philippine oligarchy takes control and relinquishes it in six year cycles. By change I mean “taking the Philippines from a dysfunctional current stateĀ  to a more efficient future state”. […]

Philippine Elections is All About Who Has More Ignorant Voters

Elections are over, but the wider lessons learned from this recent electoral exercise are being processed. Newbies in this undertaking are advised to save their energy for tomorrow’s battles. The bigger loss actually belongs to the nation which passed up exceptional talent for mediocrity – and we just have to deal with it, period. A […]