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Let's Play "Constitutional Football"

Work in progress: Updated 12/21/2010 This operations framework white paper to achieve charter reform by 2013 is being released into the public domain for purposes of modification, revision, enhancement, reduction by any person who wants to step up to the task of moving the Philippines forward. Make your own modifications to the framework – then […]

Will Removing the Restrictive 60/40 Constitutional Provisions Do Any Good?

Kwarta o Kahon? For me, an area of moral clarity is: you’re in front of someone who’s suffering and you have the tools at your disposal to alleviate that suffering or even eradicate it, and you act. – Paul Farmer After a year of blogging – with due attention to the A-I-D-A model of communication(Awareness-Interest-Desire-Action) […]

Leadership Tips From the State of the Nation Address (or Not)

P-Noy Aquino getting flack for the SONA wasn’t a surprise. His getting elected wasn’t a surprise. P. Noy’s gaffes aren’t a surprise. Lacierda’s incompetence is not a surprise. The communication group’s “Cabinet rank” is not a surprise. The policy pronouncements about “public-private cooperation” is not a suprise. Everything that P’Noy Aquino has done so far […]

Why Is Aquino Reluctant To Use Anti-Corruption Tools With Strategic Impact?

The nature of todays government, like business enterprises, is changing. Without an FOIA and a Government Information Highway the Philippines will be left further behind – content in its perceived national glories of the occasional flashes of talent of Charice Pempengco and the tackiness of the Tarlac Hillbillies. Why Is Aquino reluctant to use anti-corruption tools with strategic impact? Is he really honest? Or is he Peping and Danding’s Manchurian Candidate?

Dead Heroes are So Yesterday or Tigulang Na Tonto Ra Gihapon

I don’t know whether I should be amused or be rolling on the floor laughing. You know why? It’s this “you need to be in the Philippines to be able to do something that counts”. You see, if I were to take this twisted logic at face value – this would mean that sa dinami […]