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He Can Win an Election But Can He Run A Country?

“He can win an election but can he run a country?” Rick Ramos of the Inquirer asks a question that once upon a time was asked about Nelson Mandela. This is a question that supporters of Gordon, Teodoro, and Perlas asked BEFORE the elections. This same question is being asked by an Aquino supporter AFTER […]

TIMELINE: Eighty Three (83) Days After the May 10, 2010 Elections

When does the “honeymoon period” start? Is it after the candidate wins the elections? Or is it after he assumes office? Does it really matter whether you start early or late if you are headed for the cliff? Both ways that floor will still rush towards you at 9.8 m/sec2. People will have differing opinions. […]

Leadership Tips From the State of the Nation Address (or Not)

P-Noy Aquino getting flack for the SONA wasn’t a surprise. His getting elected wasn’t a surprise. P. Noy’s gaffes aren’t a surprise. Lacierda’s incompetence is not a surprise. The communication group’s “Cabinet rank” is not a surprise. The policy pronouncements about “public-private cooperation” is not a suprise. Everything that P’Noy Aquino has done so far […]

P-Noy’s First SONA: More Bark than Bite

Misguided economic policy is a sure-fire way to ruin – nationally or individually. It gets worse when we are putting more efforts on wangwang, being on time for work, being present at work, pissing off our foreign donors through sheer ignorance of the parliamentary system, and witch-hunting – than addressing the heart and soul of […]