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Eight "Big Dreams" for the Philippines: Vision-Setting, SMART Goals, and Synergy

There’s the hallmark approach of Alex Lacson’s “12 Little Things”. And then – there’s the “Eight Big Dreams”. The proposition is based on on three concepts – “enabling environment”, “management by objectives”, and “synergy” Create the Enabling Environment – Set a Vision What is an “enabling environment” – The enabling environment refers to the national […]

VIDEO: Learning Lessons from the Past: Sun Tzu’s Art of War (10 clips)

How do we learn from the past? How do we use those learnings to improve our lives. An excellent example is the work of the ancient Chinese strategist Sun Tzu’s – “The Art of War”. By learning from the experiences of the various kingdoms and validating this in real life, Sun Tzu was able to […]

There's More to Outsourcing than Meets the Eye

A buddy sent me an email about an interesting discussion on outsourcing. It asked the question “Is outsourcing exploitation?”. It is not the first time to hear the question. I raised that question too as a young freelancer. As you know freelancing has a certain appeal to it. You are in complete control of your […]

Coming to Grips with the Value Chain of Philippine Inc.

What exactly is it that we Filipinos do, as a society that we come up with dismal results. This is a question that has bugged us, keeps bugging us, and will keep on bugging us until we get our sh*t together. Will this election really improve the collective results generated by Da Pinoy? Maybe? Maybe […]