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Is Doomsday Coming for Philippine Agriculture?

The challenge is quite simple – can the industry get its act together, sit on the table, and dig or climb or jump or get a lifeline out of the hole that CARP has dug for the industry. Government has done a lousy job – it’s about time time for private enterprise to show its wares and step up to the plate. These measures may not have the maximum effect as the optimal solution of abolishing CARP and the DAR – but can mitigate the losses by changing the way we think about our business models, our competition, and our markets – about the way we do business with the world. After all – we can’t expect to have different results if we use the same methods in a changed business environment – remember the dinosaurs, the mammals and the Ice Age?


Why Is Aquino Reluctant To Use Anti-Corruption Tools With Strategic Impact?

The nature of todays government, like business enterprises, is changing. Without an FOIA and a Government Information Highway the Philippines will be left further behind – content in its perceived national glories of the occasional flashes of talent of Charice Pempengco and the tackiness of the Tarlac Hillbillies. Why Is Aquino reluctant to use anti-corruption tools with strategic impact? Is he really honest? Or is he Peping and Danding’s Manchurian Candidate?

There’s More to Outsourcing than Meets the Eye

Understanding the value chain – and how it relates to outsourcing will help understand the bigger business model to which outsourcing belongs. Filipinos are debating whether outsourcing is exploitation or not. I say this is the wrong kind of debate to have. Rather, I suggest the Philippines get its acto together and learn how to […]