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VIDEO: Learning Lessons from the Past: Sun Tzu’s Art of War (10 clips)

How do we learn from the past? How do we use those learnings to improve our lives. An excellent example is the work of the ancient Chinese strategist Sun Tzu’s – “The Art of War”. By learning from the experiences of the various kingdoms and validating this in real life, Sun Tzu was able to […]

Do You Have What It Takes to Be A Guerilla-Style Campaign Manager?

This post was supposed to be entitled “Practical Tips to Gordon’s Budding Campaign Managers”. But I kinda figured anyone who gets hold of this can just remove Gordon’s name and replace it with their candidate’s name. Not a biggie – hindi ako madamot. Situation Analysis ala Barbero It is less than a month before people […]

How to Introduce Gordon Through a Political House Party

If the recent polls are an indication, you would think that the presidency has been clinched. Let’s just say that for discussion’s sake – yes, it is clinched – is it reason enough to stop campaigning? Common wisdom says yes. But uncommon wisdom says, no – it ain’t over until the crooner sings. Destiny is […]

It Ain't Over Till It's Over – Let's Party Gordon to Victory =)

I recall one commentor who said it was time for AP to roll out the propaganda machinery. Unfortunately, AP does not have machinery in the traditional sense that it has the deep pockets of the traditional politicians. AP does not need that machinery. All AP needs is a realistic attitude, deep thinking, and  people who […]