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VAT, SLEX Toll, "Sin Taxes": "Honest" Aquino Breaks Another Campaign Promise

Aquino’s foot in mouth disease just keeps on getting worse. Remember that in his speech before the Makati Business Club Jan 2010 he promised no new taxes and no tax rates hike because curbing corruption will free up funds. Aquino didn’t even wait for a year to flip flop and break his campaign promise of […]

Noynoy's Stance on FOIA Is Inconsistent with his Anti-Corruption Rhetoric

Even before the elections, I have always maintained that Noynoy’s approach to eradicating corruption is wrong because he is using the wrong approach. His mantra of “walang mahirap kung walang corrupt” is seriously flawed as studies show that corruption aggravates poverty but it is not the cause of poverty. Aquino’s flip-flopping on the passage of an already watered-down FOIA is not consistent with his anti-corruption stance and can be construed even as pro-corruption. The passage of a strong FOIA is a litmus test and will define whether Noynoy is capon or not.

In the News (Malaya): Truth Telling by Nestor Mata

At the rate the the Aquino camp and its sorry bunch of spinmeisters are weaving webs of lies and half-truths, one can’t help but wonder.If this is the honesty that Aquino trumpets, it makes me think, paano na lang ang corruption? What sort of half-truth and lies will the Aquinos come up with next? And […]