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Ex-Emo Ocho Ochoista Chronicles: Noynoy's Winnability and the Purpose of Voting

Ang usapang ito ay nagsimula sa isang FB thread.  Ang mga nag-uusap ay dating mga tibak noong kanilang kabataan. Ngayon ay may kanya kanya na silang buhay at bihira nang mag-usap until Facebook came along. Si Manny ay nasa press, si Alpha ay isang agribiz entrepreneur, si Bravo ay nasa corporate, si Lima ay nasa […]

In the News: DZMM Interview with Dick Gordon

Mainstream media is purposely depriving people of the message from alternative candidates. But once in awhile media just has to deal with the candid truths presented by Gordon, and how to address these as well. The following videos were compiled from Youtube for your convenient reference. Interview by Alvin Elchico and Lynda Jumilla. Assessment of […]

Arroquino vs Villaroyo: Magnanakaw Galit sa Kapwa Magnanakaw

Omigolly, I am having a laughing fit at this battle of portmanteus (a word or morpheme whose form and meaning are derived from a blending of two or more distinct forms – as smog from smoke and fog)  – Villarroyo and ArroQuino, as each camp tries to paint each other camp as the worse evil.  […]

Manny Villar – The Poster Boy for Legality and Ethics… NOT

I am often asked, why have I not commented about Manny Villar. A couple of things. One, I have been tied up with the front-runner, Noynoy Aquino. Two, Villar is still an unknown quantity to me. Unknown in the sense that I can “read” Manny Villar, but I am doing my due diligence that I […]

In the News: Aquino is Erap's Toughest Opponent

Winnability icon of 1998 meets winnability icon of 2010. In an Erap state of mind, Erap is the tough candidate, Villar is the tougher candidate, and Noynoy Aquino is his toughest opponent. What am I supposed to say? It figures? Populism’s poster boys – Erap, Noynoy, and Villar in perfect harmony – and we have […]

Comparison of Substance of Platforms of Aquino, Gordon, Villar, Perlas, and Obama

I’ve been wanting to compare the substance of the platforms of Aquino, Gordon, Villar, Perlas, and Obama. This enough I can say – Nick Perlas is the gold standard in platforms. Aquino and Villar are fluffy talk without the specifics. Gordon is a slacker when it comes to platforms – good for him he’s got […]

Hell Hath No Fury

You were about to say “than a woman scorned”? Right? Well I have something better for you – Hell hath no fury than a Noynoyista scorned. Gotcha! 😛 If you think hell hath no fury than a woman scorned – you ain’t seen a Noynoyista yet! As you know by now, Noynoyistas tend to paint […]